Dangerous Vision Presents: High Tech High Notes


By day Bill McCann was a computer programmer and by night he was a trumpeter and composer. In this week’s Dangerous Vision Bill McCann opens up about the time of his life when he ditched the day job to focus on his passion–music. This led to the launch of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology.

Dangerous Vision Presents: Top Dog


Thomas Panek is the CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. He is not only the President, he is also a client. In this week’s Dangerous Vision Randy and Thomas talk about the special bond Thomas has with his guide dog, Gus. What did Gus do that no other guide dog has ever done? What is Thomas doing right now that is advancing medical science? 
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Dangerous Vision Presents: “Blind Dating”


In this week’s Dangerous Vision Randy Cohen pulls back the covers on widely held beliefs about dating and sexuality with Robin Mandell. Robin is the creator of Ready, Sexy, Able, an online resource tool that navigates the complicated world of relationships. There’s no such thing as normal sex, and ways of having sex that accommodate different bodies and minds aren’t lesser or adaptive. This episode is adult in nature with content that would suggest a PG 13 rating; For more information on Dangerous Vision visit http://www.mabvi.org

American Idol: The Silent High 5


American Idol is perhaps the biggest television show ever. There has been only one blind contestant to make it into the top ten and that is Scott MacIntyre. In this episode of Dangerous Vision, Randy Cohen dives into music and dishes the dirt with Scott. 

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