Dangerous Vision Presents: Podcast Palooza


There are over 700,000 podcasts to choose from on a regular basis. To many in the blindness community, Nancy and Peter Torpey are familiar as the hosts of Eyes on Success. This podcast has been regular listening since 2011. Meanwhile Jenine Stanley, the host of “AIRA-cast” is more of a newbie, but has dreamed of hosting a podcast for years. In this episode of Dangerous Vision, Randy gets valuable podcast advice. Nancy Torpey sums it up by saying “it is a whole lot of work.”

For more information on Dangerous Vision go to https://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

NFB on the ABC’s


In part two of Randy Cohen’s conversation with Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind, the focus is on education. The idea of education as the major civil rights issue for many in the blind community. The education of blind students should be a continuum of educational services. Schools should be prepared to give the same educational services for all students, sighted and blind. For more information to go mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

Dangerous Vision Presents: “Of the Blind Not For the Blind”


This week’s Dangerous Vision is part one of a two-part conversation with Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. As President Mark leads the nation’s oldest and largest blindness consumer organization. Part watchdog and part entrepreneur, Mark shares with Randy Cohen how growing up in Milwaukee Wisconsin shaped his sense of community and social justice. For more information visiotn http://www.mabvi.org

Is there a “Right Way To Do Blind” with Chris Meredith


In the 8th episode of Dangerous Vision Randy Cohen talks with Chris Meredith, a financial test engineer, and accessibility officer. Randy and Chris cover a lot of topics including how to make a workplace more inclusive to the latest tech, and employment trends. For more information on this episode and others go to https://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/