3 B’s –Business, Basketball, & Blindness: A conversation with Wyc Grousbeck


There are few men in the Boston area who have done as much for the blind community than NBA Celtics owner and philanthropist Wyc Grousbeck.  While he is a high profile owner of an NBA team it is clear from this conversation he is a devoted and loving father. In mid-November, at the PRX Podcast Garage in Boston, Dangerous Vision hosted a LIVE  conversation between host Randy Cohen and Wyc Grousbeck.

Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired Sassy Outwater-Wright welcomed the audience mainly from the blind community by saying “there is no right way to do blind. The Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired or MABVI is here to support you where you are in your journey.” She went on to say there are many voices in the blind community and this is one of the reasons why she loves the podcast, there is room for discussion and dialogue. 

This is the first part of a two-part episode with Wyc.  For more information visit www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/ 

Dangerous Vision Presents: From Miles to Marathons


In the latest episode of Dangerous Vision, Randy Cohen talks with Marla Runyan,  a former world-class American track and field athlete and marathon runner who is legally blind. At age nine, she was diagnosed with Stargardts disease, a form of juvenile macular degeneration that causes progressive vision loss.

Randy and Marla talk about running, determination, and reinvention.  Her running career is impressive–Marla qualified for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials in the heptathlon, where she finished 10th but fell well short of making the Olympic Team. In 1992, Marla competed in her first of two Paralympic Games, and ultimately won 5 gold medals and set 9 world records in the T13 visually impaired classification. 

In 1996, Marla relocated to Eugene, Oregon and reinvented herself as a middle-distance runner. With a new coach and heightened focus, Marla won gold in the 1500-meters at the 1999 Pan-American Games and finished 10th in the IAAF World Outdoor Championships in Seville, Spain.

Today Marla is the manager of the para-athletic division for the Boston Athletic Association.  The B.A.A., established in 1887, is a non-profit organization with a mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running. The Boston Marathon is one of many races put on by the B.A.A. For more information visit https://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/


Dangerous Vision Presents: Fernando’s Hideaway


Randy Cohen and Fernando Albertorio have a lot in common. Both are connected to Harvard and MIT, both have an entrepreneurial spirit, and both are living with vision loss. Randy lives with retinitis pigmentosa and Fernando with albinism. Fernando talks about growing up in Puerto Rico with this condition, the valuable lessons he learned from his father, and his mother’s indomitable personality. Fernando creates products that enhance people’s lives, as the CEO of the Sunu Band.
Designed for when you can’t easily use sight or due to a vision impairment, Sunu Band enables you to walk and travel with confidence. Sunu Band is the only smart-band that guides your way around obstacles. It uses sonar or echolocation to detect objects up to 16 feet or 5.5 meters away. For more information visit http://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

Harvard Professor and the New York Millennial


In this episode of Dangerous Vision Randy Cohen talks with Alison Lynch. Alison may not be your typical Millennial but she is the first Millennial Randy has spoken with. She drives her more than avocado toast? Lets start with the law, running, and the bonus of living in New York as a person who is legally blind. Alison has Achromatopsia i–this s a condition characterized by partial or total absence of color vision. For more information on Alison and achromatopsia visit https://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

Dangerous Vision Presents: Relentless Romero


Jason Romero has earned his knickname “Relentless Romero.” He is a lawyer, a Fortune 500 business Executive, and a runner. In fact running has launched his current profession as a motivational speaker. In the 14th episode of Dangerous Vision Randy and Jason talk about living with retinitis pigmentos and sight loss, and Jason shares how he has turned certain challenges into wonderful opportunities. His epic run aross America is a lesson in perseverene and true grit. For more information on this episode visit http://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/ For information on Jason visit http://www.relentlessromero.com/

Dangerous Vision Presents: The Meeting of the Minds


In the 13th episode of Dangerous Vision, Randy Cohen talks with Sara Minkara, founder and CEO of Empowerment Through Integration (ETI), a nonprofit committed to developing a more inclusive society.
Sara has a long list of accomplishments, including being named a Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30”. Sara and Randy talk about education, their mutual love of math, and the camp Sara created in Lebanon– a summer camp for both blind and sighted children.

Head of the Class


One is a professor at a large east-coast university and the other is a professor at a large west-coast university. Harvard meets the University of California Berkeley| HBS meets UC Berkeley| Randy meets Georgina.

In episode 12 of Dangerous Vision the Podcast host Randy Cohen chats up Georgina Kleege of the English Department. Their fields of study couldn’t be any different (Math vs English) yet being a part of the blindness community quickly forges a fast friendship. Georgina shares her personal rants and resentments towards Helen Keller; “‘Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller ‘(2006) transcends the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction to re-imagine the life and legacy of this celebrated disability icon.

For more information on Ms. Kleege and Dangerous Vision please visit https://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

Dangerous Vision Presents: Podcast Palooza


There are over 700,000 podcasts to choose from on a regular basis. To many in the blindness community, Nancy and Peter Torpey are familiar as the hosts of Eyes on Success. This podcast has been regular listening since 2011. Meanwhile Jenine Stanley, the host of “AIRA-cast” is more of a newbie, but has dreamed of hosting a podcast for years. In this episode of Dangerous Vision, Randy gets valuable podcast advice. Nancy Torpey sums it up by saying “it is a whole lot of work.”

For more information on Dangerous Vision go to https://www.mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

NFB on the ABC’s


In part two of Randy Cohen’s conversation with Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind, the focus is on education. The idea of education as the major civil rights issue for many in the blind community. The education of blind students should be a continuum of educational services. Schools should be prepared to give the same educational services for all students, sighted and blind. For more information to go mabvi.org/resources/dangerous-vision/

Dangerous Vision Presents: “Of the Blind Not For the Blind”


This week’s Dangerous Vision is part one of a two-part conversation with Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. As President Mark leads the nation’s oldest and largest blindness consumer organization. Part watchdog and part entrepreneur, Mark shares with Randy Cohen how growing up in Milwaukee Wisconsin shaped his sense of community and social justice. For more information visiotn http://www.mabvi.org